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My Story

My own experience comes from many years working in varying sectors of finance and service.

Working for one of the largest insurance companies locally, looking after client’s personal life and mortgage insurances and personal pension plans.

I was heavily involved in the streamlining of its business using a great method known as Systems Thinking

(*Systems Thinking- Identifying broken or redundant processes and changing or removing these to add value).

I then spent some time in retail banking as an account manager, helping my customers to make the most out of their financial situation.

Seeking new challenges , I became a partner in a local bistro venture. 

Here I experienced first-hand, the trials and tribulations of working for yourself. A wife and four children later, I now help others succeed with the aim of removing some of the stresses that can come with running a business, juggling finances and life itself, which at the best of times can be tricky.

Let Me Help You

Want to spend more time on things you actually enjoy? Like growing the business, or maybe more time with the family? 

Not a lover of numbers? 

That is where Keeping Track Bookkeeping steps in. 

Making sure all the figures add up, and are recorded correctly.

At Keeping Track Bookkeeping, we will make sure we gather all the correct documents and information we need, to make sure, at the end of the tax year, everything is as it should be.

Then, when it comes to completing your Self-Assessment, and producing your accounts, we already have it all together. A weight off of your mind, and more free time for you.

Getting started is easy.

Simply get in touch, we can then establish how we can help you free up time.

No Job Too Small !!

Professional Backing and Support

Sometimes you can receive support, to then find yourself more confused by jargon and outcomes than you were before. 

We have all been there. 

Our aim, is to put things in a way that is clear to you !

Helping you to take control of your business.

Keeping Track Bookkeeping is proud to be licensed, supported and supervised by the International Association of Bookkeepers, and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for data protection, and a member of the Bookkeepers Alliance.

                                   RECENT PUBLICATIONS

Helping Driving Instructors To Keep More Money

It is a well known fact that , at the best of times, Tax, in its simplest forms, is not always straight forwards. For any one, no matter what the trade or business. Changing rules, and allowances make every tax return a dreaded and often feared time of year.

Keeping Track Bookkeeping supports many self employed to document easily their income and expenses throughout the year, so when the time comes to submit a tax return, all the information is already with us, and the process is then simple, and completed.

What I did

I have decided to produce this Free eBook download, initially for Driving instructors. Full of tips, and advice, and facts on tax savings, that unless you work within the industry, or for HMRC, you probably were unaware of. After downloading the eBook, I then offer driving instructors the chance to work with me, and i will streamline a process for them, where they can do any record keeping weekly that they need to do, in minutes, from the comfort of their own car, with ready made, and provided expense sheets, which I can then use to document everything for them.

If you are a driving instructor, get your eBook today, have a read through, and lets see how i can help relieve any concerns you have.